Tree Planting Celebrations!

tree planting celebration Spring!  Glorious spring!  It is the perfect time of year to get out in the yard and dig your hands into the earth.  I love being out in the sunshine, moving earth, contemplating heaven, and doing some gardening.  Spring is the perfect time to add some colorful flowers and even a new tree to the yard.  In my book entitled, Tree Celebrations, you will find stories, activities, and ceremonies to make tree planting extra fun and rewarding. Here are the steps you would take to plant a tree…First assemble the following tools: shovel, water bucket or hose, gloves, boots or sturdy shoes, rake, mulch and stakes, if needed. For container and burlap wrapped trees follow these simple steps:1. Dig the hole – the hole should wide enough to allow about twelve inches of clearance all the way around the tree’s container.  Dig the hole deep enough to allow the tree to rest in the hole with its soil mark slightly higher than ground level.  Putting the soil in one pile makes it much easier to refill the hole.2. Place your new tree friend gently in the hole – checking to make sure the tree stands straight and tall and that the hole is the right size for the root ball.3. Fill the hole – Gently but firmly fill the hole using soil from your pile and moistening each layer of soil with water. Carefully pack the soil and water thoroughly. Mound the earth around the trunk and rake a ridge of soil around the rim of the hole. This will help retain the water around your tree when it rains or when you water.4. Mulch the tree – 2″ – 4″ of mulch will keep moisture around the tree and protect the roots from extreme hot and cold temperatures.  You can use wood chips, leaf litter, pine straw, peat moss, or shredded bark for your layer of mulch.5. Stake the tree – If your new tree friend is too tall to stand alone or if you live in a windy area, staking the tree will help the tree remain upright until it is strong enough to stand on its own.6. Water thoroughly and clean up!  Tree planting can be a wonderful family or group activity. Celebrate your tree planting with a song or poetry reading.  Take pictures and measure the growth over the years.  While it can be hard work, you now have a tree to enjoy for generations to come. Take time to sit back and enjoy the show as new leaves burst forth from the tree. Happy Spring and Happy Tree Planting from Your True Nature!

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