How Green Can a Christmas Tree Be?

Many of our customers have concerns about pesticide free foods and now, trees. The New York Times ran an article recently on this subject. Many customers wonder if they can decorate their Fraser fir without getting pesticide residue in their lungs and on their skin. The Times article points out that you are safe if the tree in certified organic by the Departmental of Agriculture. Or if it is certified Naturally grown tree. Here are a few resources for you to consider:

Local Harvest-a national network of local products lists both organic and conventionally grown trees.

Toxic Free North Carolina-lists sources for sustainably grown trees in the state.

Beyond Pesticides-provides sources for organic and naturally grown trees

 Green Promise-a group in Pingree Grove, Ill., that distributes information about sustainable products.

Others, like Yule Tree Farms in Oregon use sustainable practices like planting buffer zones near wetlands and streams and keeping records of pest, diseases and pesticide application!

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