Eco-Friendly Fare

The New York Times recently had an article about London Develops a Taste for Eco-Friendly Fare. One of the restaurants mentioned was The Duke of Cambridge, an upscale London “gastro-pub.” It’s standard blackboard usually reserved with names of ales at other pubs- reveals instead a list of the restaurants ethical business practices, including a promise that 80 percent of its fresh produce comes from the “Home Counties.” In place of of a printed menu on each table, diners find a flier providing yet another two pages of Eco-facts about Britain’s first certified organic pub.

There is a new crop of green restaurants around London, run by chefs who may may want to be at one with the environment but also don’t want to limit their customers to vegan fare. We would like to offer a big shout out to these Eco-friendly chefs who are not only working to reduce their carbon footprint but are also trying to expand their business by teaching customers that eating green does not have to be a culinary sacrifice!

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