Your True Nature is growing

It has been a great year and we are happy to be spreading Advice from Nature around the world. I was very touched to receive an email from an Afganistan American poet who requested permission to translate Advice from a tree into his native language. Here is what his email said:

I am an Afghan American poetry writer.
All my poetry is in (DARI) langiuge. I loved your great poem ( Advice from a Tree )
your poem is a great advice for Afghan people whom lost the hope during 3 daked of war
If you don,t mine I like to translate this poem in Dari and publish it at Afghani websides under your name
and I love to read more of your poems. Regards,  Sayed Homayoun Alimi

We gave him permission to translate the poem and he sent me this link to his website where the poem is translated. 


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