Kids Planting TreesYour True Nature has enjoyed a successful partnership with the non-profit organization Trees, Water, and People . For every e-card that plants a tree product that is ordered, a tree is planted in the protected Magdalena area of El Salvador or in the U.S. This reforestation partnership has been a very rewarding part of my growing business because both organizations share a strong desire to positively impact the planet and to support issues surrounding sustainable living.We often talk about the importance of planting trees.  This is because trees play a key role in the health of our planet.  They store carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.  Just as house plants improve the air quality in our homes, trees improve the air quality of our planet.  Trees also help prevent soil erosion which helps keep water supplies clean.  We all recognize trees as the home and food source for many birds and animals.  Trees, Water and People help people in developing countries participate in the replanting program because they believe that lasting change in most possible when we understand the problems in our own communities and become a vital part of the solution.  One of the best things about Trees, Water and People is that they partner with other businesses through a program called 100% Replanted.  Your True Nature actively participates in and supports this program.  100% Replanted helps companies calculate the amount of paper they will use in the course of their business and how many trees will need to be replanted to off-set that usage.  As I have mentioned before, we have planted over 50,000 trees so far.  Your True Nature and Trees, Water, and People both support and encourage planting trees in honor of loved ones as a way to preserve memories for those left behind and to bring lasting impact to the planet.One of my business goals is to not only create nature inspired products but to do so in ways that protect the earth. In addition to the more commonly known 3-R’s for being green: reduce, re-use, recycle – I have added a fourth important concept…replant. Thanks to Trees, Water, and People, we have been able to completely replenish the paper used to create Your True Nature’s extensive product line that includes nature inspired stationery, journals, poetry books, posters, and much more. I would encourage you to look for ways to align yourself, either in business or in pleasure, with organizations that share similar passions.   If full participation seems overwhelming, take small steps by committing to partnering with businesses that support sustainability.  Little by little you will find your way and your part in the solution.  When people combine efforts – the positive impact expands and the results are Tree-Mendous! Please join us in the reforestation of our planet!

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