Journal to Find Your True Nature

Your True Nature LogoI am a huge proponent of journal writing.  I believe there is something magical about the act of taking pen to pad and letting the ink pour forth without editing or even giving much thought to what you are putting down.  Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, encourages her readers and students in the practice of the Morning Pages.  Morning Pages consist of writing three pages of unedited text each and every morning first thing upon rising.  Ideally, you want to begin writing while your brain is moving from the sleep state to being fully awake.Daily commitment to the Morning Pages routine helps us clear the way for our creative forces to take hold.  When we journal first thing in the morning, we process subconscious thoughts and stresses that are hanging around in our minds preventing us from focusing on the artist within.  Even if you don’t aspire to be an artist, the Morning Pages exercise can put you in touch with your true nature, free you up to think more creatively, and focus on the work at hand without being distracted by nagging thoughts of self-doubt or unfinished business.  A journal can also take many other forms.  Journals can be places to record our goals, gratitude, childhood memories, daily logs of activities or experiences, family history, personal exploration, and even our career development plans.  The thoughts we write down are more likely to come true or actualize than those thoughts we keep purely in the mental or even spoken state.  Talking about our ideas is good but writing our ideas down can be even better.  Have you ever heard of John Goddard?  At the age of 15 he compiled a list of 127 things he wanted to accomplish in his lifetime.  The items on the list were not easy goals but he went on to accomplish everything on his list and then some!  The Goddard List inspires people to think big, write down their dreams, and create fabulous lives.  Are you inspired yet?  Ready to begin keeping a journal?  Check our fabulous nature inspired journals and other nature-inspired-stationery-products!  Whether you are writing a journal to uncover the artist within, to live in a deeper state of gratitude, or to set and achieve new goals – you will find joy in getting closer to your true nature.  Set it Free!

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