The Journey to Your True Nature

It is often said the the journey inward is the most difficult one of all.  Given that the name of my company is Your True Nature, this is definitely a belief to which I subscribe wholeheartedly.  I would also say that the discovery of one’s true purpose in life can be the most rewarding journey of all.In my own journey towards discovering and living my true nature, I have learned a few things that may help you in your quest to find the true you.  Granted we are all unique and our goals will be different.  We do, however, share enough similarities to make the following suggestions worthwhile no matter who you are or what you are trying to achieve.1.  Take time to be still.  Think trees.  Take some advice from a tree.  Trees may sway in the breeze but deep down they are rooted firmly in place.  This rooted-ness gives trees a stable foundation from which to grow.  We also need to be mentally still.  It is necessary to quiet our minds in order to hear the whisperings of our true nature as it tries to speak to us.  Meditate.  Even 5 minutes a day can be a good place to start.  Work up to 20 minutes a day.  Breathe deeply.  Focus on the sound of your breath.  If you just feel too fidgety to meditate, try a meditation walk.  Walking in nature without speaking can be a very effective way of getting still enough in our minds to hear what our inner knowing is trying to tell us.2.  Keep a journal.  Journal writing is a great way to uncover our inner truth.  It is a safe place to let our heart’s truest desires begin to form and take shape.  You may begin to understand your true nature by writing about your ideal day.  Write about what your ideal day would sound like, smell like, feel like from the moment you rise in the morning to the minute you go to bed at night.  What would you do?  What kinds of clothes would you wear?  Who would you spend your time with?  What kinds of foods would you eat?  This exercise takes some time but unless you really know how to describe your ideal day, you cannot begin to create a life that matches your true nature.  I would suggest doing one ideal work day and one ideal play day so you can incorporate your personal and professional endeavors into the creation of your ideal life.3.  Find supportive friends and family who will enjoy being part of the process.  Once you have meditated and journaled about your ideal life, you will be eager to begin speaking about your values and goals.  Your new direction may be all you want to talk about or perhaps your changes are more subtle and private.  Either way, select trusted friends and family members who will support you in your quest for living your true nature.  You may need to protect yourself from people who are negative or fail to see the value in your true nature being personified.  Kindly distance yourself and give others a chance to catch up with the internal work you have been doing to get to the place you are now.  Remember that it took you a while to figure things out and that change can be scary for everyone. This is a journey that lasts a lifetime but I do believe that once you find the seed of your true nature, it will continue to take root and blossom for years and years to come.   Again, I liken the process to the growth of a tree.  Trees and people grow for their entire lives.  Even when we are considered ‘mature’ we still grow and develop under the surface and visibly to the world.   Hopefully we go through all of our growth stages as gracefully as a tree.  If you want to be inspired by trees, please check out my Advice from a Tree poem, A New Leaf journal, or other nature-inspired stationery products to help you as you discover and live your true nature.My sincere hope and belief is that we will all live in close connection to our own true nature, the true nature of others, and the nature all around us!

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