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Advice from a Mountain poster

I often look for ways to keep myself focused on my truest intentions and how to live in close connection to my true nature.  I can find myself intrigued and distracted by the latest techno-toy, gadget, or gizmo. I can waste time on endeavors that lead me astray.  There are so many distractions in the world that it takes continual re-focusing to stay true to myself.  What are some ways to stay on track?  The older I get the easier it is to live simply and not get caught up with what the neighbors are doing.  Yet, it really is a life-long commitment to being aligned to something greater than oneself that has impact.  Visual reminders and cues around my home and office are a great way to ensure that I live in close connection to my values.  The artwork displayed, the products I purchase, the way I spend my time, and how I relate to others are all ways that I can let others know who I am and what I value.  For me, lasting value comes from nature, supporting sustainability, and honoring and exploring my own true nature and then connecting with the true nature of others.  Being in business to produce nature inspired stationery products, posters, tee-shirts, e-cards that plant trees, conducting nature retreats, and offering keynote and motivational speaking connects my personal and professional life in one very gratifying circle.  These Eco friendly products provide joy and help us all live green. Look around your home and take stock of the images displayed.  What message does your environment send to you and to others about your values?  I realize we cannot completely redecorate our homes but we can take small steps to bring nature indoors and to simplify.  Future purchases can be made with the earth in mind.  Find businesses and product alternatives that support the planet.  Surround yourself with nature inspired themes that connect you back to nature and to your true nature.  Spend time in nature for the same purpose.  I truly believe that when we carefully create our lives to be aligned with our values, we increase our happiness today and for the future.  I know a wise woman who calls this the real ‘interior decorating.’  It is about changing our lives from the inside out….by changing our visual surroundings we can inspire ourselves to live big and smaller all at the same time.

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