Tree Celebrations

I am reminiscing about the first tree-gift I received years ago.  It was a young magnolia sapling given to me as a birthday present and it brought me years and years of joy.  The picture is of me as a young boy after planting the tree.  I can still feel the joy that the tree-gift brought me.  I took my responsibility to care for the tree very seriously and I felt very grown up being given the chance to nurture the tree along.  I thought I might plant some seeds (pun intended!)  in your mind for some tree planting celebrations to enjoy this summer and fall.  A while back I published a book called Tree Celebrations in which I offer a myriad of ways to celebrate trees.  This is a perfect book to use as a resource for creating meaningful rituals and instilling a love of nature into the hearts of children or the young at heart.  There are endless holidays and meaningful moments to mark with the planting of a tree.  Let me list a few ideas…..   spring equinox, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Arbor Day, Earth Day, Graduation, birth of a new baby, adoption, family reunions, first day of school, first anything, fall equinox or for any other rite of passage your family wants to remember and make more special.  No matter what you are celebrating, here are a few tips and ideas to make your tree planting party a big success:1.  Invite your friends or family with a lovely, nature-inspired invitation.  Be creative.  Use leaf rubbings, pressed flowers, or small leaves to embellish the invitations. 2.  Prepare the planting site and gather all the necessary tools.3.  Once the tree is safe and secure in its new home, gather everyone around to share the reasons for the celebration through poetry, song, dance, personal stories, and other activities.  Encourage everyone to share and participate in the celebration.4.  Offer a special dedication to the tree for its long life and perhaps you may want to give your tree a name.  Your dedication may go something like this…”We give thanks to all for their presence here today.  We wish our newly planted tree a good life.  May it grow big and beautiful and always remind us of this special day in our lives.” 5.  Take photos to preserve memories and serve some refreshments. I guarantee that through tree celebrations you will inspire others to embrace their own true nature as well as the true nature of others.  Good seeds will be planted in the earth and in your loved ones for a lifetime of love and appreciation of nature and what it means to be connected to nature in positive and happy ways.  Comments and ideas about your celebrations always welcome.  Happy Tree Celebrations from Your True Nature.

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