Motivational and Educational Keynotes

1000 Things Went Right Today is a motivational program that I have the honor and privilege of presenting around the country to various organizations.  Health-care Systems, Park and Recreation Centers, K-12 Schools, Colleges, and the National Parks are just a few of the types of organizations that have invited me in to help them create more positive cultures. 1000 Things Went Right Today is an upbeat session that promotes positive thinking and helps cure the common woes that often plague our lives on the job and at home.  Through the use of storytelling, audience participation, drumming, music, and thought provoking examples, I am able to help others question their current thought processes and then present them with an alternative way of looking at life.  The message is easily internalized and the results are powerful.  There are two main objectives of the program.  One is for audience members to embrace the positive message during the interactive session.  This is easily accomplished.  Over the years, thousands of participants have told me that they leave feeling very differently than when they arrived.  They are uplifted, smiling, and filled with a sense of hope and renewed energy. The second objective is that participants will be able to spread their increased positive energy to others – ultimately shifting their workplace cultures and even their family environments to be more upbeat, proactive, and engaging.  The whole program is really about making a very simple shift in our thinking – we can either focus on the few things that may not go as planned OR we can focus on the 1000′s of things that go right every day.  To help people maintain the positive shift in thinking long after they leave the session, we provide beautiful support products to use to further instill the messages and bring a common language into the environment to describe and create the changes we want to see.  The supporting messages and materials help get everyone on the same page.  The materials are purposefully designed with lots of bright, vivid colors and uplifting images in order to help individuals spread the power of positive thinking long after they leave the session.  I want to do everything I can to help make lasting change and have the impact last far beyond the session itself.  By providing ongoing messages and reminders about the program I am able to instill a new perception into the hearts and minds of others and make a lasting difference.  Visit our website to learn more about bringing this motivational program into your organization in 2008.  In the meantime, as you go about your day…focus on all that is going perfectly for you right this very minute.  Embrace Your True Nature – Set it Free!

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