About Speaking of Trees

Greetings! My name is Ilan Shamir. The name literally means “protector of life, trees and celebration!” This SPEAKING OF TREES Blog shares a lifelong passion for trees. Over the years I have had a great and diverse career working for 7UP during the Wildly successful UNCOLA campaign of the early 1970s, running my own corporation selling over 20 million unique “Greeting Seeds” cards, raising
a daughter and now President of Your True Nature, Inc., a publishing and gift design and distribution company. What has remained constant is the beauty and importance of trees. Is it because of the direct connection between the life giving oxygen they give off and this essential air that we breathe? Is it their firm rootedness and examples of living close to the land? Is it their inspiration that add such quality to life? Is it the old cottonwood tree in Colorado that I leaned against that inspired me to not give up, but to stand tall and pround? Is it their shade? Reflection of the seasons? Sure it is this and so much more. Like Dr. Suess’s Lorax . . . “I speak for the trees!” I take the precious gift of getting a Magnolia for my 11th birtday in San Antonio, Texas and share with others about giving the gift of a tree for birthdays, memorials and any other special ocassion. Unlike Shel Silversteins The Giving Tree, I want us to not only receive the gifts trees offer, but to make available options of how we can give back to the earth by planting more trees and to increase the satisfaction of our life and those around us by reaching fully to express our true nature.

In life there are those times where we are called upon to bring all that we know and all that we have experienced for the good of humanity. Advice from a Tree, a simple and thoughtful poem was one such gift that I first published in 1993. A google search will show hundreds of mentions in websites, blogs, memorial ceremonies, celebrations and events all over the world. We get many requests for use of this poem by others. it is an honor to speak so simply about trees and our own realationship to them. A new project captured my attention in 2006. TREEGREETINGS, the eCard that plants a tree! TreeGreetings.com It brought my experience with greeting cards, trees, online eCommerce, photography and music all together in one project. In less than five minutes you can send a thoughtful eCard for memorial, birthday, anniversary, new home, new baby, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, Kwanza, Thanks, Congratuations, Customer Appreciation and lots more. With the added bonus of planting a tree for someone special and the Earth! Its all paperless. You can even view a personalized certificate online!

Trees, growth, business, creativity, all in support of YOUR True Nature.

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