Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send a TreeGreeting-the eCard that plants a Tree?
This interactive website will give you everything you need to know about sending these unique eCards and planting a memorial, birthday, holiday tree and for many other ocassions. You can choose from shade, flowering, fruit or evergreen trees planted by non profits in six locations in the US or in Central America. Take a online tour to see the projects and visit the FAQ’s for answers to many other questions.

What kind of Inspirational programs do you offer?
As an author and inspirational keynote speaker, I have the great honor of travelling around the country giving speechs to teachers, nurses, counselors, wellness professionals, forestry and many other types of events and groups. One program is called “A Thousand Things Went Right Today!” and is a great
opener to set a positive tone for any event. Colorful handouts compliment the speech giving participants materials they can take to sucessfully bring more positive focus into their personal and work settings. It is a multimedia presentation with great music and visuals. Meeting planners will also book me for breakout sessions or half day training to give particpants a more indepth immersion in the topic. I also offer programs called “Advice from a Tree”. This
empowering program is filled with stories and wisdom to the rhythms of a drum and gives participants a unique and memorable way to enrich their lives. All of my speaking started with giving storytelling programs to kids. I would dress up as “Tree-Man” and bring my “Tree-Trunk”, a suitcase filled with amazing tree artifacts. Each artifact would be connected to a story. With these roots and love for kids, I still offer these programs to schools, parks and other nature realated venues.

Where can I buy Advice from a Tree products?
Your True Nature offers Advice from a Tree, Advice from a River, Advice from a Mountain as well as thirteen other Advice lines including bear, moose, dog, cat and many others. Visit www.yourtruenature.com and click on “order here” to go into our webstore. There are 65 products in all including greeting cards you can send that will also plant a tree, posters, tshirts, stationery and lots more. Orders are usually shipped in two business days. The FAQ’s in the webstore will give you everything you need to know. Our products are also available in about 600 stores around the country including national parks, book stores, gift stores and mail order catalogs.

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