Holiday Recipes

Low Impact Living has a winner in their Fair Trade Recipe Contest. The contest was to honor Fair Trade Month in October. Check out the recipe for Spiced Cranberry Coffee Cookies and some other tempting recipes. Hope this helps you in your Holiday efforts and feel free to send some of your best samples my way:)

Happy Holidays
Ilan Shamir

Living Green

I came across a website called Low Impact Living- a site that focuses on the environment. The site is filled with tips on green projects and products and services. Check out their site and get some great living green tips.

Happy Hanukah and have a great Holiday Season! Now is a great time to check out our selection of green greeting cards! You can help promote green living and help sustainability efforts.

Christmas-Time to Cut Down on Consumption?

Reuters has a timely article out on Cutting down consumption at Christmas. Here are some of their suggestions:

Get together as a family, talk to each other about what Christmas means to you, and then design your own holiday.
One of the interesting things about the recession, will be how it might encourage sustainable or responsible consumption” according to Martin Sorrell, boss of WPP advertising.
Re-using old wrapping paper, “re-gifting” unwanted present, and making cards, decorations or presents together with the children are all great ways to celebrate and help the environment.
Greeting cards can be emailed and don’t forget our green greeting cards.
Turn off some of the lights so you can actually see the darkness and the stars.

These are just a few suggestions for you to consider in your going green efforts and sustainability!

President’s Green Team

President elect Obama  disclosed his green team on Monday. Dr. Steven Chu was named energy secretary. Obama said his energy appointees will aim to make public buildings more efficient, modernize the electricity grid, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve natural resources. Wow, what an agenda and talk about going green!

We salute the efforts of the new administration and fully support their going green initiative and being good stewards of our environment.

How Green Can a Christmas Tree Be?

Many of our customers have concerns about pesticide free foods and now, trees. The New York Times ran an article recently on this subject. Many customers wonder if they can decorate their Fraser fir without getting pesticide residue in their lungs and on their skin. The Times article points out that you are safe if the tree in certified organic by the Departmental of Agriculture. Or if it is certified Naturally grown tree. Here are a few resources for you to consider:

Local Harvest-a national network of local products lists both organic and conventionally grown trees.

Toxic Free North Carolina-lists sources for sustainably grown trees in the state.

Beyond Pesticides-provides sources for organic and naturally grown trees

 Green Promise-a group in Pingree Grove, Ill., that distributes information about sustainable products.

Others, like Yule Tree Farms in Oregon use sustainable practices like planting buffer zones near wetlands and streams and keeping records of pest, diseases and pesticide application!

Renga Arts

Renga arts is a company that produces and sells functional art made of reclaimed, salvaged, and recycled materials. With the Holiday season coming up why not take a look at some of their products and help their going green efforts! Some of their more unique gifts include vintage typewriter keyjewelry and LP Flowers-great job ofEco-Friendly gifts!

If your tastes run along more conventional lines please visit our gallery of green gifts and green greeting cards! 

Colorado Capitol Going Green

The 113 year-old Colorado Capitol building has been honored for energy efficiency, winning a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification. The award was given to the governor for upgrades the state has made over the past four years.

Gov. Bill Ritter said the state spent $23 million for water conversation, low-energy lights, recycling and landscaping. Talking about going Green!

But there are more green efforts-Solar panels are being installed at the Capitol in a project that is expected to pay for itself in energy savings. State officials say the 10-kilowatt system will create enough power for two homes. The energy created will be used by the building.

We want to give a big shout out to the State of Colorado and their going green and Eco friendly efforts!

Fall Tree Planting in Colorado

Everywhere I go in Colorado lately-I see landscape crews busily planting trees and shrubs. It’s already snowing in the mountains and it won’t be long before the snow is here in the city! Here’s a big shout out to all you landscapers planting those trees before our first snow.

I came across a great article by Robert Cox called The Ten Commandments of Tree Planting.  It is a well written article with invaluable advice to ensure that those saplings you are planting this month grow into magnificent beauties in the years to come!

Tree Planting

As the Holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas get closer we wanted to remind everyone about all those trees that go into cards. You know we are huge proponents of planting trees to help sustain our Eco system. Not only that, but could you imagine a day without the majesty of trees?

According to the Greeting Card Association, U.S. households will purchase nearly 7 billion greeting cards annually-most made out of un- recycled paper!  I made this video for you celebrating the planting of trees and conserving our environment.

[youtube width="280" height="234"][/youtube]

Going Green

Whatever your politics are-go out and vote! It’s great to see that both of the Presidential candidates are talking about the environment that we all love. We are hearing more plans about Eco-friendly living, sustainability, using more Eco-friendly ways of producing renewable energy and more about green living. In these tough economical times and job losses it’s a pleasure to see the new job creation in solar energy, wind turbines and other Eco-friendly efforts!

Whatever your politics we encourage you to exercise your right to vote!

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